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23mm VYa Tank Gun

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Written by Valeri Potapov
Created Wednesday, 21 September 2005 21:26
Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 September 2009 09:38


Production tanks: none.
Experimental tanks: T-60.

Whilst conducting research related to increasing the T-60 Light Tank's armament power in February 1942, the staff of the experimental department of Factory #2 of the People's Commissariat of Armament, installed a 23mm gun into the T-60 turret. The 23mm gun was a modification of the Aircraft Gun VYa. The tank version turned out to be somewhat more effective than the aviation one, but the operational experience was short lived, because in 1942 there was not enough 23mm ammunition even for the IL-2 Ground Assault Aircraft. Lastly, the abrupt gun recoil jammed the tank's turret. Altogether sixteen VYa guns were manufactured for the T-60 tank in March-April, it is unknown though if they were installed on any tanks.

Parameter Value
Calibre, mm 23
Bore lenght, clb ?
Weight of pendulous elements, kg ?
Weight of recoil elements, kg ?
Normal recoil length, mm ?
Max. recoil length, mm ?
Ammunition automatic, belt feed
Ballistic 23mm Aircraft Autocannon VYa
Practical ROF, shot/min. ?

Translation: Rodion Podorozhny
Proof-read: Chris Amundson
Sources: «Artillerijskoye Vooruzhevie Sovetskikh Tankov 1940-1945» Armada-Vertical, #4, 1999

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