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SU-152 Heavy Assault Gun

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Written by Eugene Boldyrev
Created Tuesday, 20 September 2005 19:36
Last Updated on Saturday, 09 January 2010 14:32

After introducing the newest German tanks, the work over a new self-propelled gun KV-14 armed with 152 mm ML-20 gun started in the USSR.

The ML-20 cannon had 655 m/s muzzle velocity and (theoretically) it was capable to penetrate 110 mm vertical armor from distance of 2000 metres. The weight of the AP shell for this cannon was 48.78 kg, and 43.6 kg for the fragmentation shell. Although the SPG was developing for close infantry support, it could been used as a tank destroyer. In early February 1943 the works on project of KV-14 was finished.

Due to big back-blow of ML-20 it has been mounted in compartment instead of usual tank turret (like KV-2).

The ML-20 gun had a rate of fire only 2 shots per minute because of sparated loading shot. The gun was equipped with panoramic sight (for indirect fire) and telescopic sight ST-10 (for direct fire). Range of direct fire — 700 metres. All KV-14 assault guns were equipped with 10-RK-26 radio and internal phone TPU-3. KV-14 was based on KV-1S tank chassis that was still in production.

On February 14, 1943, the GKO accepted for service a new assault gun under new designation SU-152. In 1 March 1943 the mass production of SU-152 has begun in Chelyabinsk. Up to end of 1943 there were built 704 of new assault guns. During the production a new turret device for 12.7 mm DShK AAMG has been designed.

The first regiment of new assault guns was formed in May 1943. Soviet tankeers accept the new SPG with delight due to its ability to successful counteraction with German «zoos» (like Tigers and Panthers). During Kursk battle SU-152 received a new nick — «Zveroboy» («Animal Killer») because during 12 days of battles this regiment could knock out 12 Tigers and 7 Ferdinands. This regiment consisted of 12 SPGs, and later — of 21 SU-152 (winter 1943-1944).


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