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The Fate of Amphibious Assault Tanks
The Royal Opponent (a fiasco of the King Tiger)
Kalinin Raid
Sunday Blows:
   - Minsk direction
   - North-West direction
Battle of Kirovograd. 5-17 January 1944
Operation Mars: Framed version and non-framed version
   - Appendix 1. German Intelligence Assessments of Operation Mars
Soviet Strategic Operations February-March 1943: Framed version and non-framed version
Tiraspol-Melitopol Defensive Operation

Red Army. June 22, 1941.
   - Northern Front
   - North-Western Front
   - Western Front
   - South-Western Front
   - 9th Separate Army
   - Reserves of the Stavka HQ (RGK)
   - Separate Units In Stavka Reserves
   - Military Districts and Non-Active Fronts
   - Far Eastern Front
Battle for Kirovograd. 5-17 January 1944
   - Soviet OOB for 2nd Ukrainian Front
   - German OOB for 8th Army

Report about the combat actions of 563rd IndepTBn
Directive #1 for the Conduct of the War
Ultimatum of Soviet HQ for the German forces encircled at Stalingrad. 8.01.43
Report about operations of the 71st Independent Guards Heavy Tank Regiment from 14.07.44 to 31.08.44
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