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Born in Moscow. Graduated from the Digital Measurement Systems Department of the Moscow Technological University. Today I'm working as a leading designer at Interior Design Bureau. All my life I was interesting for history of Russia, particularly for history of the Great Patriotic War. I started this website in January 1998. My point was to share my knowledge and to introduce foreigners with the Russian history.

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Consultant: Tanks and SP-Guns.
Born in Moscow in 1970. Completed the Moscow State Academy of Laws. Today I'm working as a lawyer, in particular for intellectual property rights. I'm interesting in military history of Russia and scale-modelling (M 1:35). I joined this website in March 1998. (Please, write me in Russian only otherwise forward your letters to )

Maintains the SOLDIERS AT WAR section.
Born in Moscow in 1971. Graduated from the Biology and Chemistry Department of the Moscow Pedagogical University. Ph. D degree in Molecular Biology. Currently works a sales manager at Lytech (only in Russian) company. I conceived this project when I realized that I'm loosing connection with the generation that raised me, and thus became so dear and close.

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