About Legal Use of the Materials on This Website

We have some simple rules for those who would like to use legally any stuff found here for their websites. We do not suggest you steal any stuff without our permission. Such individuals would be publically indicated and punished. There were some infamous attempts, unfortunately!

  1. The permission could be granter to serious websites only. Any homepages and just started websites won't get it.
  2. Permission won't be granted on some exclusive stuff. Mostly there are our own homeworked materials (pictures, articles, interviews etc.)
  3. The following HTML-code must be inserted unchanged in a page that contains any materials taken from the our website:
    <B>Some materials on this page are taken from the</B><BR>
    <A HREF="http://history.vif2.ru" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="http://history.vif2.ru/banners/perm_banner.gif" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=40 ALT="Russian Battlefield" BORDER="0"></A>
  4. We reserve to ourselves a right do not grant a permission in any time and do not explain our decision.
  5. Forvard your requests to . Please notice, that a link to your website must be included in your letter (since we will check your website before making a conclustion).
  6. If our terms seem to you unacceptable, do not write us, save your (and our) time!.