The Editor's Corner

Valeriy Potapov

Eugene Boldyrev

Dear friends!

We have made this page specially to explain some moments related to the Russian Battlefield website.

The Russian Battlefield was intended to give for non-Russian people an opportunity to read about Soviet tank development. We don't pretend to be all-embracing, rather to provide some basic knowledges. Such "pro-western" orientation of our website is affected on rare updates since we need to translate all Russian stuff in English. This takes too much time. Sometimes we receive messages from individuals who are not natively speaking English but pointed out our English isn't perfect. For such individuals we would like to say: if you are so smart why don't you help us? This would be much better then just to criticize our hard work.

Now lets talk about some specific subjects...


Recently, our website has won the second place in the RUSSIA ON WAR competition!

At first, we continue our survey and we would like to assure you: your opinions are very important for us! If you have an opinion, you may fill out the form right here. Also, you can check the preliminary results of this survey here.

At second, since our website grows constantly we don't have enough time to publish all possible materials we already possess. We need your help! First of all we heed help in translating text from Russian in English. Because our website isn't commercial, we cannot pay money for this, all we can do is to credit your work. If anybody want to help us, don't hesitate and write to !

Perhaps, you don't want to make translations, but still want to help us. If you know HTML-code and you can create web-pages, you may help us, since we have enough unpublished materials. Write to !

At third, another moment to be mentioned. We receive huge amount of letters from around the world. Trust us, we are trying to help everyone, but our possibilities are limited (unfortunately!) We will try to reply to you and help you, however it may take some time. So, please, be patient! Also, please don't think we are know everything. Some of your questions are hard to answer. Sometime we simply don't know the answer.

And finally we would like to say a couple words about the legal way of copying materials from our website. Actually, we have devoted a page about it, so please check it out!.

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