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History of V-2 tank diesel engine
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ТОПИК: History of V-2 tank diesel engine
History of V-2 tank diesel engine 2 год, 10 мес. назад  
I am looking for someone with a detailed knowledge of the history and development of the V-2 diesel engine.
I am interested in:
— development history in the 1930s
— obtaining correct information and / or technical explanations of the differing hp outputs relative to revolutions of the engine
— V-6, V-12 and any other numbers of cylinders combinations
— models V-2, V-2K, V-3, V4, V-5, V-6 and others
— if and when turbo chargers and / or superchargers were used.

Reference books give differing information.
Also the few references to 700hp and 850hp versions do not say whether they have superchargers and / or turbo chargers. Also why were they not progressed at the time and later in post-war years. Only decades after the war do these outputs seems to have been achieved.

Any information would be welcome.
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