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Destroyed Soviet AFVs Print E-mail
Additional Stuff - Additional Stuff

Destroyed Soviet AFVs

BA-20M destroyed Western Front summer 1941 RGAKFD
BA-20M Stuck in the mud and then abandoned unknown Autumn 1941 O.Baronov
T-26 destroyed by ammunition explosion Karelian Isthmus unknown S.Romadin
T-30 destroyed Karelian isthmus 1941 M.Kolomietz
T-60 burning Leningradsky Front 1943 RGAKFD
T-28E heavily damaged 5'th Tank Division. Altus, Lietuva. June 1941 M.Baryatinsky
T-28 lost track, burnt by the crew Baltic states June 1941 M.Kolomiets
T-28 destroyed Prassa, Karelian isthmus September 1941 unknown
T-28 destroyed by gun explosion unknown 1941 O.Baronov
T-34-57 destroyed near Moscow winter 1941-42 M.Svirin
T-34-76 several penetrations unknown Summer 1941 unknown
T-34-76 completely destroyed unknown summer 1941 O.Baronov
T-34-76 chassis damage unknown Summer 1941 unknown
T-34-76E burnt out unknown probably 1943 Governmental archive
T-34-76 burning Kursk battle July 1943 Federal archive
T-34-76 burning unknown summer 1943 Federal archive
T-34-76 destroyed by mine Kursk battle July 1943 O.Baronov
T-34-76 completery destroyed after its fuel tanks being blowed up unknown probably 1943 P.Shmelev
T-34-76 gun mantlet penetration, burnt out unknown probably 1943 unknown
T-34-76 knocked out by German antitank cannons or tanks (side holes) resulted to ammunition explosion unknown 1941 S.Romadin
T-34-76 destroyed by air bombs unknown 1941 S.Romadin
T-34-76 Burnt out Western Front July 1941 O.Baronov
T-34-76 knocked out by mine (running gear damage) then finished off by artillery (side holes) Western Front 1941 S.Romadin
T-34-76 Completely destroyed by ammunition explosion unknown 1941 O.Baronov
T-34-85 chassis damage, burnt out East Prussia. 2nd Guards Tank Battalion of 25th Guards Tank Brigade of 2nd Guards Tank Corps July 1944 unknown
T-34-85 unknown, probably damaged and then abandoned East Prussia July 1944 unknown
Valentine II knocked out Moscow area January 1942 unknown
Valentine IV knocked out 5th Guards Tank Brigade. Northern Caucasus, Alagir town November 3, 1942 unknown
Valentine VII running gear is damaged Vitebsk area March 1944 unknown
M3A1 "General Lee" burnt out Kursk battle July 1943 M.Kolomietz
M3A1 "General Lee" completely destroyed by internal explosion Kursk battle July 1943 RGAKFD
Churchill Mk.III completely destroyed Prokhorovka, Kursk battle. 36th Heavy Tank Regiment of 18th Tank Corps of 5th Guards Tank Army July 1943 unknown
T-35A destroyed Ukraine. 8th Mechanized Corps June-July 1941 unknown
KV-1 penetrated by 88 mm gun (side turret) Zelva. 6'th Mechanized Corps June 1941 unknown
KV-1 heavily damaged chassis, abandoned unknown probably 1942 unknown
KV-1 penetrated turret and damaged chassis Kursk battle Summer 1943 unknown
KV-1 destroyed and burnt out unknown Summer 1942 unknown
KV-1 destroyed unknown Winter 1942 unknown
KV-1 destroyed by the German 88-mm cannon unknown 1941 S.Romadin
KV-1 destroyed by ammunition explosion unknown unknown O.Baronov
KV-1E knocked out and burnt Velikaya, Pskov area, North-Western Front August 1941 RGAKFD
KV-2 sunk in the bog Moscow area Winter 1941-42 unknown
KV-2 chassis damage Baltic states Summer 1941 unknown
KV-2 chassis hit by 105 mm round, abandoned when run out of ammo Rasenaya, Baltic states. 2'nd Tank Division. Summer 1941 unknown
IS-1 heavily damaged Byelorussia summer 1944 unknown
IS-2 completely destroyed by gunfire Balaton operation spring 1945 M.Kolomietz
IS-2 internal explosion caused by artillery hit unknown unknown unknown
IS-2 blew up Berlin May 1945 unknown
IS-2 completely destroyed by gunfire Berlin. 7'th Guards Tank Brigade, tactical number "441" April-May 1945 unknown
SU-100 column was ambushed and destroyed by artillery Brno. 2'nd Ukrainian Front April 26, 1945 unknown

RGAKFD - Russian state Archive of Cinema-photo-documents (Rossijskiy Archiv Kinofotodokumentov);
AFOT - Photoalbum of German AFVs destroyed during Balaton Operation;


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