The M10 "Wolverine" in the USSR

The M10 "Wolverine" in Aberdeen, USA. (Boris Sedov)

The M10 "Wolverine" in Aberdeen, USA. (Boris Sedov)

This was a first American self-propelled antitank gun that was developed using the tank chassis. The M10 was manufactured by "General Motors" and "Ford" corporations. From September 1942 to January 1944, total 6706 vehicles of two modifications were produced:

M10 - was based on the chassis of the M4A2 "General Sherman" medium tank. The vehicle had the completely welded hull and was armed with the powerful 76 mm gun which was adopted from antiaircraft gun. Total 4993 vehicles were manufactured.

M10A1 - was based on the chassis of the M4A3 "General Sherman" medium tank. Total 1713 vehicles were manufactured.

As a part of Lend-Lease agreement, the USSR received 52 of M10 tank destroyers by the middle 1943. The further fate of these tanks is unknown yet. Some sources mention, that in 1944 at least two antitank regiments of M10 "Wolverine" were formed and sent to the Eastern Front.

The M10 "Wolverine" turret interior. (Photo by Boris Sedov, digital processing by Valeriy Potapov)

Parameter Value
Crew, men 5
Weight, kg 29 600
Armor, mm 19-57
Armament 1 x 76.2 mm M7
1 x 12.7 mm "Browning" AAMG
Ammo 76 mm: 54 rounds
12.7 mm: 1000 rounds
Engine GMS 6046 G71, 6-cylinder diesel, 375 h.p.
Range, km 320
Max. speed, km/h 48

Both pictures - Eugene Boldyrev

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