Directive of the Military Council of West Front concerning the under appreciation of antitank rifles and antitank grenades as means of combat with the enemy

No 1779-91

V/srochno [priority designation meaning "for immediate transmission" -J.G.]


FOR MILITARY COUNCILS 30, 16, 5, 33, 43, 49, 50 A

only 30A

On instructions of the Military Council the front chief of artillery has requested data from all armies concerning the results of employment of antitank rifles and antitank grenades.

The responses that have been received indicate either a lack of attention and an under appreciation of these means of combat with the enemy or a lack of knowledge of their actual utility. Whatever the reason, it confirms the non-fulfillment of the Military Council's directive concerning the employment and use of these types of weapons. Quickly familiarize yourselves with where and with what results these rifles and grenades have been employed and on what axes the rifles are currently located. Report the results not later than 20.11.41.



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Translated by:
James F. Gebhardt
TsAMO, collection 208, index 2524, item 9, sheet 170. Original.

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