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About copyrights and legal use of our materials

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 November 2010 01:40

Existing copyrights

Portal administration The Russian Battlefield clearly trying to fulfill «the Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights» of Russia, which permits the use of copyright materials without the written permission and without payment of compensation in certain cases.

The Russian Battlefield Portal is a public non-profit organization. Commercial advantage in the use of copyright materials can not be ejected. Using copyright material always makes reference to the source or author. Moreover, the preparation of articles and photographs are given not only references to the materials used, but also indicates the rights holder or the source of each picture, if we know. This distinguishes the materials of The Russian Battlefield of the overwhelming number of other sites on the Internet, where photos are given without specifying the original. That in order to preserve copyright photographs of our portal are marked with the designation «The Russian Battlefield», «www.battlefield.ru» and the like, which are erroneously interpreted by some inattentive fellows as a sign of «copyright.» Once again: we do not appropriate the intellectual property of others.

Emblem «copyright» — © on our site are marked only illustrative materials, the authors or owners of which are themselves members of the project The Russian Battlefield.

About copying and quoting

Guided by the same «Law on Copyright and Related Rights» site administration does not prevent copying and quoting material of The Russian Battlefield, if it does not have commercialized, and links to the source is given without distortion and in full.

Exceptions are the exclusive copyright, rights belong to The Russian Battlefield. In this case you need to obtain permission the project coordinator. All visitors and webmasters, we call all the same to comply with the netiquette and ask for such permission, the more likely you are to get (if you do not have commercialized).

You can copy the following code to your page at any place convenient for you:

<B>Использованы материалы портала</B><BR>
<A HREF="//www.battlefield.ru/banners/perm_banner.gif" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=40 ALT="The Russian Battlefield" BORDER="0"></A>

For all questions you may have to contact the project coordinator. The letter must specify the address of your site.