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Im with the Canadian armoured school as a troop warrant officer, I got nearly 22 years of service and Im in charge of simulation on VBS 2 game.

I recently visited Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Volgograd), and I have a keen interest in Russian tanks having drove a T-72 (ex-East German tank) for three years.

If its possible I would like to talk with a modern Russian crew member regarding Russian wording and sequence in engaging target or any crew commander stuff, I need the Russian words.

For example, in Canadian army, when the crew commander wants to engage a target, his words of commands would look like this:

Crew commander Gunner
Sabot laser tank on! On, 1800
Fire Firing now, left add.
Firing now, target!
Target stop!

NB; The T-72 we had for three years at our Armoured regiment drove more than 1000km and never once broke down! It was outpacing Leopard 1 on rough roads.

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Ask about it V P - I think it the former tankman. It seems the veteran of war

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